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Water is a necessity for all living things and in today's environment the purity of the water you consume should be one of your primary concerns.  The ingestion of adequate amounts of water (hydration) is essential for the proper functioning of the body’s mechanism of waste elimination and the ability to rid oneself of spent fuel, impurities, and toxic contaminates. On the other hand, the lack of consuming ample amounts of water (dehydration) on a regular basis can be a  factor in the procurement of debilitating diseases and illnesses. Water is the basis of molecular composition and cellular health, therefore the quality of the water that you consume should be one of your foremost considerations. Taking these facts into account, doesn’t in make sense that the purity of the water you drink should be one of your highest priorities. The LifeWater®System ensures the delivery of ultra pure, sterilized water for all your cooking and consumable needs.  Acknowledging and understanding the benefits of drinking more water will not be difficult once you start enjoying your own LifeWater®System.  The comfort and satisfaction of having a high purity water system will undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding and pleasurable acquisitions that you will ever make. The LifeWater®System is fundamental to your good health and well being.  It is your investment in the quality of  life.


The LifeWater System is a five stage reverse osmosis POU (point of use) water system that purifies water at the molecular level. [1] First the water first passes through a 5 micron pre-filter for removal of sand, sediment and other particles. [2] Secondly, the water passes through a carbon block filter for absorption of chlorine and other organics contaminates. [3] Next, the water is squeezed through a thin film composite (TFC) membrane (osmosis) by a process of back pressure created by the patented flow control.  Hence the term, “reverse osmosis”.  This process of osmosis rejects the dissolved solids, heavy metals (lead, zinc, mercury, arsenic, etc.), and salts all up to 99%. [4] This filter is followed by a special prolonged contact carbon filter designed to remove high percentages of volatile organic contaminates or low molecular hydro-carbons. [5] Finally, before the water reaches the tap it passes though a 10 micron fine mesh radial flow extruded carbon filter for further absorption and polishing of the water.  A 3.2 gallon water storage tank and chrome faucet are standard equipment included with system.  Depending on your water temperature, amount of total dissolved solids, and water pressure the LifeWater® RO System will produce up to 15 gallons of highly purified water a day.   Optional equipment available are a UV module for micro-biological contamination (bacteria & viruses), booster pumps to increase feed pressure, different sizes of water storage tanks, and various finishes and colors of faucets.  Filter housings may vary from clear, white, or black.

The LifeWater System™ LifeWater® RO 1 (5 stage) as shown retails for $595.00.

Shipping charges quoted on destination.


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Typical installations under the sink. (Point-of-use)
LifeWater RO mounted under floor.
Larger scale or higher demand systems available (call for details)

Call For Pricing, Sizing, And Any Questions.