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Water and life are inseparable. Life is totally dependent upon water for its existence.  In fact, life is mostly water comprising from one half to nine tenths of the weight of every living creature  on earth.  Each living cell is at heart nothing more than an extremely complex array of chemicals held in solution in a tiny droplet of this simple, marvelous, and universal liquid.

Water is the basis of molecular composition and cellular health and the consumption of adequate amounts of water (hydration) is essential for the proper functioning of the body’s mechanism of waste elimination and the ability to rid oneself of impurities and toxic contaminates. On the other hand the lack of consuming an adequate amount of water (de-hydration) on a regular basis is a primary factor in the procurement of debilitating diseases and illnesses. 

How efficiently this process of elimination is accomplished is entirely dependent on the type of water you consume.  And what is the “right” type of water?

The Fountain of Life™ water ionizing system!  The Fountain of Life™ not only improves elimination of cellular wastes and toxins but also increases nutrient absorption and assimilation; helps balance the body’s pH reducing acidic and oxidative stress; reduces free radical damage preventing premature aging; and increases the amount of stabilized oxygen in the blood providing more energy and better circulation.


“The Chemistry of Life Is Water Chemistry”

Waters primary role is to serve as a transportation system, or medium, for carrying on life processes.  It transports by holding nutrients and wastes in  suspension and solution. Food is carried to all parts of the organism is this fluid.  The red cells carrying oxygen are carried along on a stream of water and carried away from the cells to the excretory system.  All of the vital processes of the body take place in this fluid.

Water is absolutely essential to the performance of the vital functions, as it fulfills the primary role of the body’s transportation system and many subsidiary roles.  The circulatory system is entirely dependent upon water.  Water is the solvent which floats the blood corpuscles.  It carries our nutritive load.  It transports our wastes to eliminative organs.  As the primary component of saliva it is a great digestive aid.  In the blood it carries and distributes nutrients to the cells where body repair and growth are effected.  There is no other element which is so adapted to the roles that water  fulfills.  It circulates through the most delicate capillaries without friction, and even passes through membranes into parts that are not accessible by openings.

Water is not looked upon as a food or nutrient by laymen, but it should be classified as one.  It certainly is fully as important. Survival beyond seven days without water is unlikely whereas an individual may live up to 60 days and more without food.  Water should be recognized as one of the most important foods for it is essential to the body.  It enters into the composition of every tissue and forms on the average about three-quarters of the total weight of the body.

It has been consistently shown that consuming fewer calories can extend  lifespan.  How near starvation diets prolong life is unproven, but evidence points to less DNA damage.  Free radicals, which are produced by various metabolic processes within our body, can cause DNA damage.  The process of metabolism ( the burning or oxidation of nutrient) creates residue waste products that the body has to get rid of.  The less one eats, the less the body has to metabolize, which means there are fewer reactive oxygen species to bump into ones DNA.  Among those who believe that DNA damage causes aging suggest that its a combination of our repair mechanisms breaking down and because we accumulate so much damage as we get older that the repair machinery can’t keep up.  The foods we eat create waste products within our cells and tissues whether these foods are organic or inorganic, good foods or bad foods, the residual wastes are always acidic.  The degree of this acidic waste correlates with the type and quantity of the foods that are being consumed.  Continuous and unceasing body metabolism leaves a steady stream of poisons.  If not eliminated we can expire of them within minutes.   Systemic poisons come from the ducts of urine, bile, and gall bladder.  They must always be eliminated quickly.

The important thing to remember is that  we begin aging and contracting certain types of  diseases because of the accumulated acidic waste the body stores or doesn’t eliminate,  the lack of oxygen that is robbed by these acidic toxins,  and the free radical damage caused by unpaired electrons that steal electrons from healthy cells and tissue.  The ability of the body to neutralize these acids and eliminate them from the body while increasing the amount of  stabilized oxygen in the blood and reducing free radical damage is the key to a more healthy existence.  And how do we do this?  By proper  nutrition, exercise, and the consumption of  The Fountain of Life® acid free ionized alkaline water.


The Fountain of Life®

The Fountain of Life™ BTM-2000 water ionizer consists of a water chamber (electrolysis chamber) that has two platinum coated titanium electrodes (four times more platinum than comparable ionizers), one positively charged and the other negatively charged.  The negative electrode attracts positive minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium) which are alkaline minerals and the  positive electrode attracts negative minerals (phosphorus, chlorine, and sulfur) which are acidic minerals.  The value or degree of a solutions acidity or alkalinity is measured as pH.  This logarithmic scale or pH scale ranges from 0 (acidic / H+) to 14 (alkaline / OH-) with 7 being neutral or  having equal concentrations of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-).  For example a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than a pH of 7 and a pH of 5 is 100 times more acidic and so on.

Through the ionizing process the water molecules attracted to the negative electrode gains a negatively charged electron (e-) and the net charge of the  molecule has been reduced (OH-) while the molecule attracted to the positive electrode loses an electron and becomes oxidized (H+)  because it has lost an electron.  Cations or  positively charged ions are attracted to the negative electrodes to create reduced water (OH-) while anions or negative ions are  attracted to the positive electrode  creating oxidized  water (H+).  This removal or addition of electrons is known as an oxidation-reduction reaction or redox reaction.  The redox of water can be  measured through the use of an ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) meter where acidic water has a positive mV (millivolt) redox potential while alkaline water will have a negative mV redox potential.



By ionizing the water through the electrolysis chamber, the reduced water  (OH-) molecule clusters are reduced in size or clustered from 10 to 13  molecules to 5 to 6 molecules per cluster.  The molecular weight is altered and the surface tension of the water has been reduced.  The smaller water clusters with a lower surface tension (dynes) can penetrate the cellular membranes of the body easier, increasing nutrient  absorption (assimilation), aiding  in acidic waste removal  (elimination), and  improving tissue health.  The ionized reduced  alkaline water, produced by the separation of the H+ and OH- ions, has twice the amount  of stabilized oxygen compared to tap water or bottled water.  The hydroxyl ion (OH-) is an oxygen donor while the hydrogen ion (H+) is an oxygen taker.  Acid water (H+) is oxygen deficient and alkaline water (OH-) is abundant with oxygen. It is generally thought that the lack of oxygen and the fermentation of sugars is a possible cause of cancer.



   Water is the most vital and influential component that provides the body with the ability to maintain its health and prevent deterioration. This can only happen if the quality and structure of the water meets our requirements. For water to be the most effective in our body, it should be of an alkaline pH, which is necessary to assure that the body fluids do not become and remain acidic, resulting in premature aging and illness. Premature and unnatural aging can result from a continual loss of water volume and the body being exposed to water of poor quality.  

  Another major factor is the body's inability to adequately assimilate essential minerals and nutrients. As the body ages and the immune system declines it becomes possible for certain diseases to arise.  The body's chemistry becomes unbalanced, and destructive substances known as active oxygen species or free radicals form.  These unpaired electrons carry a positive charge and virtually rob electrons from vital cellular sites, damaging the cells and altering their ability to function or replicate normally.  In general, free radicals cause the body to deteriorate, age, and are a major cause of many acute and chronic diseases. 

  To stay in balance and healthy our bodies must continuously be in a proper state of hydration. Between 2 and 3 quarts of water are lost each day through normal bodily functions and this water must be replaced.  To prevent toxins and chemical substances from accumulating and creating destructive influences on our cells we must stay hydrated. The water we consume must be able to carry all minerals and nutrients required for cell metabolism and the ability to remove any substances that can damage the cell as well as protecting the cell walls from damage and invasion. Since water is involved in every function of the body, it must act as a conductor of electrochemical activity, such as neuro-transmission, by moving water from one nerve cell to another smoothly and effectively. 


Osmosis is the movement of water in the body between cells (extra-cellular fluid). This is an electrochemical process created by electromagnetic forces in the body which keep the movement in balance.  Changes in pressure create movement across the cell membranes and allow proteins, minerals, and other nutrients being carried by the blood to escape into spaces between vessels and deprive the cells of their vital need to sustain life. When the water in the blood is acidic and contaminated with toxins, it enters the cells and changes their structure, which in turn can lead to changes in DNA. This can be the beginning of the disease process which is very similar to the aging process. 

To keep a metabolic balance, our body relies on its chemical processing plant.  It knows when it is being depleted of minerals and nutrients which are essential to staying in balance. When the body becomes depleted it must draw from its reserve.  This can only be a temporary measure as these reserves need to be replenished.  If nothing is done to replenish this depletion our energy level begins to drop and we allow the body to begin on the path of its destruction. If the body continues to be neglected, the immune system begins to weaken and consequently becomes vulnerable to attack by invaders.  This can result from the poor quality of water we consume everyday and the body can only keep its ability to remain balanced if it is given enough good water. Not just clean water, but water that can provide a good environment for the body to function and carry on its purpose of remaining in balance.  The right kind of water is The Fountain of Life® ionized alkaline water. 





Alkaline ionized water contains hydroxyl ions that are negatively charged.  These ions exist in the form of stabilized oxygen molecules that have gained an electron, therefore making the water a superior antioxidant, that scavenge free radical (unpaired oxygen molecules that possess only one electron) which are one of the causes of  premature aging and disease.  The ionized alkaline minerals detoxify poisonous acid wastes and frees up the hydroxyl ion (OH-) to supply excess oxygen to the cells improving circulation and increasing energy.

Through the process of metabolism acid wastes are deposited in our bodies.  The degree of these deposited wastes depends largely upon what our diets consist of, but all foods consumed will create these acidic wastes. This creates an environment that is conducive toward diseases starting and flourishing.  It is one of the most simple, yet overlooked, aspects of staying healthy.  Keeping an alkaline diet is at the heart of excellent health.  The alkaline properties of ionized water can help us to combat this acid condition and fight off diseases simply by balancing our body’s pH and the elimination of these accumulated acidic toxins.


Water molecules tend to bond in groups of 10-13.  Ionized water molecules are in groups of 5-6, therefore they are “reduced” in size and shape becoming geometrically restructured. The ionized water passes through body tissue more efficiently than conventional water, therefore it hydrates us much more effectively.  For the same reason, it’s also very detoxifying.  When you drink ionized water with a reduced surface tension, then the water can actually get into the cell (intracellular hydration).  The type of water you drink is one the most, if not the most important thing that you can do for your body.  You want to be in a state where your cells are constantly hydrated, not dehydrated.  If your cells are hydrated and your blood has an abundance of stabilized oxygen then your cells can repair themselves.                                                                                      


The great majority of people do not recognize the absolutely crucial value of drinking the right kind of water. Research in the field of cellular hydration has shown that when the cell swells up it triggers an anabolic mechanism in the body, which is a healing mechanism. It is accompanied by positive nitrogen balance, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release, equivalent to useful levels even in older people. Cellular hydration also results in a reduction of cell acidity, reduced auto-immune response, increased fat burning, DNA repair, and increased resistance to pathogenic microbes.  This all happens as a result of cellular hydration.

Now when the cells become dehydrated, it triggers a catabolic state accompanied by muscle wasting, cell hypoxia (oxygen starvation), DNA damage, and accelerated aging. As a result the cell becomes more sensitive to free radicals and more susceptible to viruses and auto-immune diseases. Virtually all symptoms of aging are the result of cellular dehydration accompanied by free radical damage and an excess of acidic toxins creating a lack of available oxygen.                                                                                                          

Because the accumulation of waste products inside the body is part of the aging process, helping the body to get rid of these old waste products is to reverse the aging process.  All waste products are acidic and the best kind of water to drink to remove these wastes and toxins is The Fountain of Life® acid free ionized alkaline water. 




·        Point of use (POU), Counter-Top or Wall Mounted

·     Fully automated system using MICOM (Micro-Computer) technology utilizing artificial intelligence with 4 meg ram semiconductor!

·     Overheating Prevention, including hot-water automatic shut-off

·     Complete Automatic Self Cleaning w/Melody Sound!

·     Platinum coated Titanium Electrodes that can last over 12,000 hours.

·     Standard Water hook-up via Faucet Diverter Valve (can be customized for mounting on top or below counter)

·     Output Water: 3 liters per minute

·     Water Pressure: 15-80 psi

·     Water Temp: Cold Water (86 degrees Fa. or lower)

·     Water Output: Alkaline 70% / Acidic 30% ( Alkaline and Acidic Outlet reversible by simply pressing a button!

·     Water Outlet: Flexible Stainless Steel Nozzle

·     True 5 levels of pH settings!

·     Filter: Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon

·     Filter Life: Approx. 6mths to 1 year, depending on water quality

·     Dimensions: 14.25" (H) x 11" (W) x 5.5" (D)

·     Weight: 10 pounds

·     Power Input: US Standard, 2 prong grounded-120 VAC/60 Hz Cord

·     Automatic turn-on and shut-off!

·     pH test kit included


·     UL Listed!

·     CE European Approved


The Fountain of Life BTM-2000 is priced at $1,295.00

Includes: Free shipping (continental USA), 1-extra carbon filter, 1-30 pack pH test strips, 3 year warranty & warranty card, manuals and instruction pamphlets, and all accessories for easy hook-up.

We strongly recommend anyone considering utilizing one of our ionizers to have their water checked for contaminants or find out from your municipal water supplier what the water parameters are for you water.  The filter in the ionizer is only designed to remove certain types of contaminants including chlorine and other organics but is not rated for water of biological contamination or heavy metals.  If  you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us as other types of filtration may be needed in order for the use of this device to be utilized to its full potential.  The drawback with any ionizer is that they will attract and concentrate all positively

charged ions including heavy metals and/or high amounts of minerals and concentrate these + ions.






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