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LifeWater Systems main objective is to provide information about water in such a manner that no doubt can exist as to the crucial role water plays for our well being, the various types of water enhancement products that are obtainable, and how we can benefit from the utilization of these products.

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Our company, LifeWater Systems has been involved in the water treatment industry for over 25 years.  Our primary focus for the majority of those years has been the distribution and sales of water treatment systems designed to remove dissolved minerals and/or undesirable tastes and odors from the water.  Although we are still involved in the business of treating water we have steadily been moving   towards the development of some of the healthier aspects of water enhancement or “water for health”.  Our background and experience in the water treatment industry has given us the edge over most  companies involved in this relatively new  field of water treatment products.  For the most part, we have been focusing on products designed to protect or enhance one’s quality or way of life.  Our company is committed to bringing you, the customer,  what we consider to be the best products available with warranties as good or better than comparable products on the market today.

  Life as we know it is totally dependent upon water for its existence and that the two, life and water, are virtually inseparable.  All of the vital processes of the body take place in water, from delivering food nutrients and oxygen to removing waste products.  Simply put,  if you're not drinking good water, you won't have good health.  Remember that without health there is no real wealth and with that in mind, we are dedicated to providing our customers with “Simply the Best”. 


Paul Scott Doran

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